Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bathroom Construction: End of Day 19

I spent about 6 hours today doing electrical work. I wired up all the
outlets switches and lights and got everything up and running. The fan
doesn't actually vent outside yet and there are no lights but the
heating mat works. I also rewired a non-bathroom circuit as I didn't
care for how the electrician ran the wire. Tomorrow the plumber
returns and should add mortar support under the tub which will allow
us to water test it. I hope he will also complete the vent system and
the plumbing rough-in. At some point the general contractor will also
come frame in the new window (but the window itself is about 8 days
out as it was just ordered on Friday). Once the tub is anchored though
I think we could begin drywall and insulation. We will see. I plan to
do no work myself tomorrow.

In the photo below you can just make out the new junction boxes and
the cardboard protection for the heating mat -- itself embedded on
concrete -- is clearly visible.

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