Friday, June 8, 2012

Feed Us!

A few different folks have made us aware of MealTrain (and lots of other folks have actually brought us food -- thank you!) So we figured, why not sign up and see what happens. If you want to participate in our meal train, click here. Or if you want to bring us a meal, feel free. We don't need meals brought to us -- by all means we can fend for ourselves -- but they are surprisingly helpful, freeing up the adults' time to focus on construction (even when I'm not doing anything, sometimes I need to coordinate something -- like an electrician this morning) and on Theo, and Vivian, and sometimes just spending a little longer visiting with someone who's dropped by rather than having to make dinner. [Oh, and those of you who pointed us to MealTrain: if we've set something up incorrectly, do let us know!]

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