Friday, June 8, 2012

Bathroom Construction: End of Day 16

This post is sadly late, and again has no accompanying photo. My apologies. On Thursday, Jerry the plumber came in for a few afternoon hours and did some more rough-in work, though surprisingly little (imho). We also became aware the bathtub installation instructions call for mortar support underneath, instead of the foam that was planned, so there will be yet another concrete pour on Monday (no one is scheduled to work on Friday). While Jerry was welding, I spent a few hours running new electrical lines for the bathroom, which will require a total of three circuits: one for the jacuzzi tub pump, one for its heater, and one for the rest of the bathroom. The bathroom will also have radiant floor heat, but that'll run off its main circuit as it is a fairly small space. Speaking of which, I went ahead and laid out the heating mat, and poured self-leveling mortar to anchor it in place (and hopefully protect it).

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